September 2012 Newsletter



September 2012 - Barn News


Construction Schedule

The Wells Bridge Farm facility suffered a great deal of damage during the severe hail storm in late June.  As a result, construction and repairs will begin on Tuesday, September 4th.  For the week of September 4th- September 9th, the indoor arena will be closed as the arena roof and insulation are replaced.  Please restrict your riding to the outdoor arena during this week.  Following the replacement of the arena roof, repairs will begin on the main barn roof.  Every effort will be made to minimize the impact of the repairs on you and your horse and, weather permitting, all repairs will be completed by the time that the horses return from the October show at the Colorado Horse Park.  We will be keeping horses in turnout or pasture during the day and moving horses to the upper barn as needed in order to assure their safety.  If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Dorothy at (303)902-3985 so that they can be addressed in a timely manner. 


Shows at the Colorado Horse Park

It’s time to return to the Colorado Horse Park!  Wells Bridge Farm will be attending the following shows:  September 6-9, September 13-16, September 27-30, and October 4-7.  On the September billing, please note that you have received show deposit bills for the first two shows.  The billing for show deposits for the September 27-30 and October 4-7 shows will be sent out mid-September.


Hay Surcharge

Beginning September 1st, Wells Bridge Farm has added a hay surcharge to the monthly billing.  This hay surcharge will be $25 per horse per month.  The surcharge will remain in effect until we see prices coming down to pre-August 2012 prices. 


Upcoming Horse Shows / Events

In addition to the horse shows at the Colorado Horse Park, Wells Bridge Farm will be attending the National Preview Hunter Jumper Show from October 30- November 4 and the Los Angeles National Hunter Jumper Show from November 6 -11 at the Los Angeles Equestrian Center.  On December 8th  and 9th  , Joe Fargis will hold a clinic at the facility.  The opportunity to ride and train with this internationally renowned gold medal Olympian is not to be missed!


Fall Vaccination and Worming Clinic

Littleton Equine Medical Clinic will be holding a fall vaccination and worming clinic.  A sign-up sheet will be located in the lounge.  Please sign up to request appropriate services for your horse.  If you are not a client of LEMC, please arrange for your horse to receive these services from the veterinarian of your choice and provide proof of services to Dorothy Rohrbach or Karin Barreau by the end of October.


Welcome and Congratulations

Please join us in welcoming Jennifer Alvarez and her horse “Tango” and Be’Aspinwall and her horse “Charlie” to Wells Bridge Farm.  We are glad you are here!