Wells Bridge Farm's Beginner and Intermediate Division

Wells Bridge Farm is known for training talented, established riders, who are highly competitive and show throughout North America. But Wells Bridge also takes tremendous pride in their beginner and intermediate division. 

Trainers, Dorothy Rohrbach and Tess Harris have spent a couple years developing a team of new riders who learn the basics, then purchase their own horse to create that perfect bond between horse and rider! The newer Wells Bridge riders range from students to working professionals. One group of riders that Rohrbach closely trains are the Housewives to Equestrian team. They are mothers, wives and business women who are currently competing in shows and were even featured in City to Country Magazine! These riders pride themselves in their ability to manage their professional lives, family lives and learn to compete in a challenging, yet rewarding sport! 

Wells Bridge Farm is proud to offer first class training from cross rails to grand prix! For more information please call 303-841-0142